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This function takes an R code file as input and uses a language model to convert the R code to Python code. The converted Python code is then either returned as a character string or written to a file, depending on the input.


r_to_python(r, ...)



The R code file to be converted to Python code. This should be a file path in the form of a character string.


Additional arguments to pass to the chat_completion() function.


If the input filename is a "character string", the converted Python code will be returned as a character string. Otherwise, a new Python file will be created with the same name as the input file but with a ".py" extension, and the function will return the file path of the newly created Python file.


if (FALSE) {
# Convert R code to Python code and display the result as a character string

# Convert R code to Python code and save it to a file
r_to_python("example.R", output_file = "")