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This function takes a Python code file or character string as input and attempts to convert the code to R using the OpenAI API. The function provides feedback on the total tokens used during the conversion and warns if the output might not be valid R code.


python_to_r(py, ...)



A file path or character string containing the Python code to be converted.


Additional arguments to pass to the chat_completion() function.


If the input is a character string, the function returns the converted R code as a character string. If the input is a file, the function writes the converted R code to a new file with the same name and a ".R" extension, and returns the output file path.


if (FALSE) {
# Convert a Python code string to R code
python_code <- "x = 5"
r_code <- python_to_r(python_code)

# Convert a Python code file to an R code file
python_file <- "path/to/your/"
r_file <- python_to_r(python_file)
cat(readLines(r_file), sep = "\n")