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This function takes Java code as input and returns the corresponding R code. It uses GPT-4 powered chat to perform the code conversion.


java_to_r(java, ...)



A character string containing the Java code to be converted to R, or a filename with the Java code.


Additional arguments to pass to the chat_completion() function.


If the input is a character string, the resulting R code will be printed and returned as a character string. If the input is a filename, the resulting R code will be saved as a file with the same name as the input file, but with the extension `.R`, and the filename will be returned.


This function is not guaranteed to provide perfect conversions and might produce invalid R code in some cases. Users are encouraged to verify the output code carefully.


if (FALSE) {
# Convert a simple Java code snippet to R
java_code <- "public class HelloWorld {
               public static void main(String[] args) {
                 System.out.println(\"Hello, world!\");
r_code <- java_to_r(java_code)

# Convert Java code from a file and save the result to an R file
input_file <- "path/to/"
output_file <- java_to_r(input_file)