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This function adds data to the in-memory chat log, which is in the global environment. The data can be any R object, such as a vector, list, or data frame. The function supports adding data to the chat log by providing either a data.frame or a chatlog object.


add_to_chatlog(msgs, chatlog_id = NULL)



A chatlog object or a data.frame containing the messages to be added to the chat log.


The id of the chatlog object. Required when the provided msgs is a data.frame.


The updated chatlog object with the newly added messages.


Ulrich Matter


if (FALSE) {
# Add a data frame of messages to an existing chat log
chatlog_df <- data.frame(
user = c("user1", "user2"),
message = c("Hello!", "Hi!")
updated_chatlog <- add_to_chatlog(chatlog_df, "existing_chatlog_id")

# Add messages from one chat log to another
chatlog1 <- create_chatlog("chatlog1")
chatlog2 <- create_chatlog("chatlog2")
chatlog1 <- add_message(chatlog1, "user1", "Hello!")
chatlog2 <- add_message(chatlog2, "user2", "Hi!")
merged_chatlog <- add_to_chatlog(chatlog1, chatlog2@chatlog_id)